Dead Space 2 Collector’s Edition: Unboxing

I always thought it would be fun to do this. And, you know what? It was! What might be the most surprising discovery is that the game is on two discs. Check out the photos below for some cool artwork, box contents, and other bits of information.

Glossy box
Outer box with sleeve removed
Three panel inner box, nice touch!
Game, Soundtrack, Plasma Cutter box, Postcard, Online Pass card
2 Discs, 1 Game! Bulletstorm ad has DA2 armor unlock code on back
Plasma Cutter: Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
A bit small, but it lights up!!

Now get to blastin’!!


  1. Got to play this for a bit in between my rotation of sleep/eat/work/repeat and have to say it’s pretty amazing. I love all the new changes and can’t wait to review.

  2. Funny you should mention the game being on 2 discs being the most surprising thing, I felt the same way.

    1. You don’t really see that too much anymore, and the last game I saw do that was ME2, so now this game has some big shoes to fill — but if this means the entire game is in 1080 with tons of content, then its worth the switching.

  3. Nice unboxing!

    I passed on the collectors edition though after I watched another unboxing on Youtube. The Plasma Cutter was way smaller than it thought it would be and seemed pretty cheap…plus I ended up picking up the regular version at K-Mart with a promotion that gets you a free 1600 Xbox points! (This continues until the 29th by the way).

    The game rules hard so far…scarier than the first, harder than the first, better visuals. They changed up the controls a bit which is throwing me off but I think it’s for the better. I only put in about an hour or so last night but I’m loving it already, gotta try out that multiplayer!

  4. Yeah, I was a little bummed with the size of the cutter, and from what I can tell, the front doesn’t turn sideways.

    I still worry that multiplayer was hacked on to this single-player experience, but I’m going to take a hard look at it this week.

    1. Got the hacker suit last night. Did you guys see there are already a handful of DLC weapon/ suit packs up on live? So tempting.

          1. In an attempt to save your kidneys, the suits are multiplayer only skins from what I can tell. The credits and plasma energy are tempting but I think I’ll pass on this one.

          2. That is correct. Skins for multiplayer, or credits and ammo for single. Unless you’ve already got codes, you don’t need to go out of your way.

  5. Nice unboxing.

    Arghh. I’m regretting not having done any research about the collector’s edition before buying the regular one. (Soundtrack’s part of it too?!!)

    2nd disc threw me for a loop initially. Expecting the prompt to put in the 2nd disc will make me nostalgic for Death in the Carribbean on the Commodore 64 (“Insert floppy disc two.”)

    Completely appreciating the enhancements they’ve made to gameplay from the first. And I had no complaints about gameplay in the first one (other than that asteroid field shootout). Sooo…bonus!

  6. I am really excited to play this game. And the collector’s edition looks great, I mean you got a flippin’ plasma cutter!

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