Comic-Con 2011: Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns, But Only For a Day

The former Chosen One, Sarah Michelle Gellar, makes her first trip back to Comic-Con since promoting The Grudge almost 10 years ago! Gellar jump-kicks her way back to Ballroom 20 (Thursday 1:45) in order plug her new show “The Ringer” which premieres this fall on The CW. ┬áSadly for fans, it appears as though Sarah will be returning to work directly following her panel. ┬áLast month, Gellar and some of genre-television’s most popular actresses sat around discussing the world’s biggest nerd gathering in a special for The Hollywood Reporter. They also shared some fun stories and tips about how to survive in a raging ocean of nerdery.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: on getting a series pickup.

“It’s the worst process. You are literally standing by a phone and they really don’t tell you until the night before, unless you are in New York. You are literally waiting, and you don’t want to pack a suitcase. I think what they do is secretly have all of the flights reserved under all of the actors’ names who they might pick up. I remember having to give all of our information ahead of time.”

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