Rated NA 52: Spoiler-free nerdery

We’re back together for an old-school style round-table recording. In the throws of ME3, we stay spoiler-free. We talk about the recent SWTOR summit, and the DC Comics site relaunch. We have reviews of I am Alive, Mass Effect: Infiltrator for iOS, and Matt’s Comic pick of the week. Finally, we discuss some spoiler-free first impressions of ME3, and whether or not there should be a Mass Effect MMO.

Rated NA 52


  1. Great job as always guys. Will you guys be discussing the big uproar over ME3’s ending? It’s been difficult to read into it not having finished the game.

  2. Justin – We have some big Mass Effect stuff planned for the near future. Waiting for Matt to finish the campaign first.

  3. I REALLY like Matt’s idea of a large persistent world for just your buddies. Reminds me a lot of a minecraft server or old “Player towns” of Ultima Online. I hate how MMOs have veered away from true open worlds.

  4. I try to work Ultima into every conversation about games I have. I hope, that when I die, I wake up in Moonglow.

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