SWTOR legacy system revealed: brother from another mother

You want to make a Zabrak trooper? Hubble got chu. You want your Imperial Agent to be able to force choke one of the sand people in the dune seas of Tatooine? Hubble got chu. You want to be able to transfer bound items between your alts, either empire or republic, with the same server environment? Okay you get the idea. Check out the video below for the low-down on the legacy system updates planned for SWTOR patch 1.2 arriving soon to an Internet near you.


  1. I like this system a lot. Players should be rewarded for having multiple characters. I, unfortunately, canceled my account, so keep me up to date if these new upgrades breaths enough fresh life into the game to bring me back.

  2. Ahh thanks for the write up I hadn’t caught the video yet – really cool sounding! Taking a breath from ME3 brought me back into some of my SWTOR characters haha. Love the concepts of creating your own ‘stories’ between characters, so hearing about this really appeals to me! Thanks for the heads up on it 🙂

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