Snow White and The Huntsman: The Nerd Appropriate Review

As the title indicates, this movie has a main plot line involving both Snow White and the dubious Huntsman. However, the real star of this movie is the queen. Charlize Theron embodies all that is wicked, but in a sympathetic and majestic way. Her beauty and talent for making you believe- more than that, understand why she is so evil really carries this film.

"Overall, the set design and costumes were amazing – I long for a cape of raven feathers!"

The setting was also fantastic with wide, sweeping shots of jagged mountainous terrain (complete with Celtic-inspired music – yay!), gardens of vibrant flora and deathly forests with poisonous gases. Overall, the set design and costumes were amazing – I long for a cape of raven feathers!

Even the fabled dwarves make an appearance, not in a Disney way, but in a story about redemption and sacrifice. They serve to help Snow realize her purpose which is to bring life back to a scarred and ravaged world. You’ll recognize a few familiar faces in the dwarven bunch and to me they add a lot of warmth and depth to the story.

Basically, there is a lot right with this movie, but as expected, a few things fell flat. I’m not going to detail plot issues that didn’t work for me, just know that they are there. There is a failed attempt at a love triangle, for example, that could have been eliminated with the exception of perhaps setting up for a sequel. Also, come on, Studio Executives, Kristen Stewart IS Bella from Twilight. The same lip-biting, looking away in a heated moment and awkward exhale permeates this movie like lingering illness. And come on. Let’s get real for a second. Is there any way that Bell–er Kristen Stewart in any universe could be fairer than Charlize?

"The same lip-biting, looking away in a heated moment and awkward exhale permeates this movie like lingering illness."

Perhaps with a different actress as Snow White, I’d be able to overlook some plot disagreements and give this move a 10 of 10, but that’s not what I experienced. I found myself eavesdropping on a conversation my neighbor was having about hiding her subscription from her husband every time Stewart came on-screen. Charlize, however, ripped away my wandering attention, held onto it with her claw-like fingers and forced me back into the movie. Because of that, I hereby give Snow White & The Huntsman 8.5 tequila shots.

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  1. I went and saw this over the weekend and noticed a lot of the same problems.  While the movie looked fantastic, I never sensed any sort of chemistry between Snow and the Huntsman.  It seemed as though both actors probably would have wanted to be anyplace else on Earth.  Also, there was a scene where the Our Father prayer is read aloud…there is a lot wrong with that for a ton of reasons.  Sooo wait… Jesus was creeping around the forest with the dwarves, ogres, and wood sprites?

  2. I heard that there wasn’t a ton of dialog in this movie as well, but it looked good visually. Maybe that makes it a “rent” ?

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