Prometheus: The Nerd Appropriate Review

Prometheus is the kind of movie for which we’ve all been waiting. Seeing it in IMAX 3D did contribute to the epic feeling, yes, but the movie without all that flashiness would have been just as cool. I have to say that I really enjoyed how sleek 3D made the film; it doesn’t assault you by tossing stuff in your face or antagonizing you with images circling your head. Instead, it adds texture, allowing you to immerse yourself in the setting and of course the plot.  The music rumbles and sweeps you away into the dark journey you’re about to undertake. Mystery and intrigue and space – oh my!

"Along with the mind-blowing cinematography, fun on-the-edge-of-your-seat scenes and interesting characters, there is a pretty gnarly part which provoked me to leave the theatre for a minute to get some fresh air. Yep. I almost passed out..."

The story starts off about 80 years in the future with two researchers uncovering a secret. Well, that’s not the opening scene, but if I said what really happened at the beginning, it would give too much away. So, just know the first couple minutes are thought-provoking and just plain neat.

Going back to the discovery of the researchers on Earth, the basic message is that humans are not alone and that something or someone helped us along the evolutionary path. Fast forward a couple years to a commercial space vessel in deep space using stasis technology to bring the same researchers to a planet whose solar system had been seen in cave paintings. Here’s where the fun begins.

Never trust a synthetic...

As in the tradition of the Aliens movies, there’s a creepy android and a lot of gory, monster-based adventure. The acting is believable and attention-grabbing, particularly Charlize Theron who owned every scene (again) as well as Noomi Rapace who is known for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. A diverse team of what I’d call space cowboys, corporate drones and scientists throw you into personal conflicts, deadly sabotage and a plot twist similar to the one between Ripley and the company, Weyland-Yutani in Aliens. Be sure to look for the name Weyland in Prometheus as well. There’s even a site devoted to the company you can peruse.



That actually brings me to another point. There are many “reveals” in the movie – some expected, some not all that important, but most are pretty damn awesome. The ending, for example, has me excited for a sequel. Go strong female protagonists!

One caveat though. Along with the mind-blowing cinematography, fun on-the-edge-of-your-seat scenes and interesting characters, there is a pretty gnarly part which provoked me to leave the theatre for a minute to get some fresh air. Yep. I almost passed out. I can handle horror movies and icky violence, but this particular scene struck a phobia chord. However, even with the onset of sweaty lightheadedness, I still think the scene was done well. When I looked at the faces of people around me, I could tell they were stunned, jaws clenched and brows furrowed. A few had even covered their eyes.

Overall, I give this movie 10 tequila shots for keeping me entertained, surprised and making it so believable that I became squeamish. ; )  Thank you, Mr. Ridley Scott, for bringing us more than just explosions and special effects. You are a master.

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  1. I really enjoyed Prometheus. It wasn’t quite all that I hoped it would be but I had pretty high expectations as well. Some of the people I saw it with didn’t really enjoy but I couldn’t get much more out of them other than, they thought it was boring. But they probably thought it was going to be the next “insert action movie here”.
    I think I know the scene you are talking about Hillary…I found myself just uncomfortably laughing through it due to the absurdity of the situation. But yeah it was pretty messed up.

  2. I’m really hoping to see this while I’m out in San Francisco this week.  The mixed reviews have me really intrigued. 

  3. *Spoiler*

    So, the “aliens” from the the original films were created by a rogue android that altered a human male with a biological weapon meant to destroy the human race who then impregnated a human female with a hybrid squid baby embryo which was then cut out of said human female only to imbed itself in the belly of an “Engineer” who then died giving birth to “Alien.” Did I get it?

  4. You would be right if there weren’t already sculptures and depictions of the classic Xenomorphs covering the walls of the Engineers structure. Either this was a horrendous oversight, or the Xenomorphs existed BEFORE David decided to do his little experiment, thereby rendering the closing shot of the newly born Xenomorph completely pointless and stupid, much like the rest of this movie.

    This movie was so full of plot holes, inconsistencies, and characters that I didn’t care about arbitrarily doing stupid things that people wouldn’t ever do merely to progress the story instead of enhancing it.

    The many, many problems I have with this movie are keeping me from enjoying some of the loftier themes and ideas brought up (and of course promptly dropped – but I don’t even care about that. An android that can read dreams to try and understand humans? Dropped after 1 line of dialog. The evilness in the black goo triggered 2000 years ago and the flight landing on Christmas? Not explored. I could go on. )

    Basically you should just watch this if you’ve seen the movie:

    1. Wow, I enjoyed the film for what it was and thought some of the performances were great. Although I agree with you Ryan, the overall plot was a bit of a murky mess… Go to the wreck, go back to the ship, go to the wreck, go back to the ship… and on and on. I feel like there should have been a few more locations, or perhaps a true villain. Oh, and If the Prometheus can ram the Alien space ship to death I’m assuming there is something in the galatic arsenal that could have shot it down… meaningless/convenient sacrifice is meaningless and convenient.

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