Rated NA 63: Rant-tastic Voyage

E3 madness continues and Scott goes on a rant. News about Skyrim, 38 Studios, WWDC, Nerd HQ, and Max Payne mobile. Hilary reviews Prometheus, Matt reviews Snow White, and Ash recaps the latest Game of Thrones season. Finally, we hear your impressions from the past weeks E3 shenanigans. Weeeeuuuu.

Rated NA 63


  1. This was one of my favorite episodes for a while.  Mainly because I was broadcasting from a cabin in the middle of nowhere while using a Rockband mic covered with a sweaty tube-sock.

  2. Oh how I wish I owned a DeLorean, sadly it’s just a picture from SDCC last year. They had the one from Back to the Future III and I had to take the photo opportunity. It is definitely one of the cars on my dream list.

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