Rated NA 66: The Podcast of the Beast

On this beast of a podcast we talk SDCC, Google IO, Amazon’s power outage, the return of the return of Jean Grey, consumer spending, AC3, and Yolo?! We review ME:EC, Walking Dead ep 2, Amazing Spider-Man, Newsroom, Strike Fleet Omega, and Resident Evil 6 demo. Finally, we talk about the game’s that you wish had their own extended cuts. Excellent!

Rated NA 66


  1. Difference with EC DLC regarding assaulting Cerberus base: EMS requirements for Shepard living is lowered to 3100 because of the complaints about mandatory MP.

  2. I think Scott makes a great point that the “Shepard breath” at the end is totally a way to placate people who can’t let go. I very much understand the need for people to pick DESTROY, but it’s not for me, CONTROL is for me. The ending I struggle with is SYNTHESIS because it feels far to sweeping for me. Shepard is literally changing absolutely every being in the entire galaxy. It feels weird when the entire point of Mass Effect, to me, was to continue being free and unique lifeforms.

    Also, I totally did exactly what Ash did with “playing” the extended cut twice, thinking I had downloaded it and hadn’t.

  3. Video game financial stuff: The reason why sales for video games is down 13%: The economy is still in the shitter. Not everyone is likely to shell out the extra cash for gimmicks or mediocre games for $65 or higher.

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