Rated NA 70: Jennifer Hale – Hale to the Queen

NA_RATED_NA_70_REDUXThe incredibly talented Jennifer Hale talks to us about voice acting, inspiration, staying healthy, and some Commander something or other. We sit awestruck.

Special thanks to axl99 for this episode’s cover art. As always, our awesome theme song is by BigGiantCircles.

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Rated NA 70



  1. I think you hit it right on – Hale is a very inspiring person, you can hear her excitement and passion for life. I love hearing people who love what they do. Great podcast! 🙂

    1. Awesome, I’m really glad so many are enjoying it. When you talk with her you really get a sense of the passion with which she approaches everything in life, and it really pays off in the quality of her craft. Her excitement is contagious, to be sure!

  2. She is amazing. Always played Femshep simply because of her voice acting. Even played the soldier class in SWTOR because of her voice acting.

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