Rated NA 97: Julia Voth


Actress Julia Voth (Resident Evil, Bitch Slap) stops by to talk about her new web series, Project S.E.R.A. We also chat about Saskatchewan, the Canadian sitcom Package Deal, and the joy of picture frame wall arrangement  Julia is genuine, down to earth, and fun to chat with, so we hope you enjoy the interview. Of course, we also provide a healthy dose of our regular hi-jinks with Veronica Mars and DC Universe movie news. Pistol-Clothesline!

Rated NA 97

Project SERA 

Package Deal


  1. Hilary, you are consistently listing things you love, and I am left sitting here going, OMG I love that too. Now I want to watch the Tudors again, when I should be watching the Borgias.

    And woo! Package Deal! Something that Canada has that the US doesn’t, for a change. At least for a little while.

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