Rated NA 145: MegaCon 2014 and More!


This week, the gang goes to MegaCon, travels across the country, and plays more Titanfall. That, and a new Aassassin’s Creed, Sony’s Project Morpheus, and the latest updates on PAX East 2014. Mega-fun for everyone!

Rated NA 145


  1. I totally agree with all the weaponry in Titanfall. I really feel drawn into quicker, more confrontational gameplay/combat. I feel like it wants you to be more mobile.

    I also really like how I feel like different games suit different types of guns/titan combinations, you know? It’s encouraged me to explore other weaponry and combinations.

  2. I was totally thinking the same thing Scott thought when Assassins Creed Unity was announced. 1st thought was using the Unity developing platform.

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