Alice: Madness Returns – A nostalgic review

Alice: Madness Returns is the much anticipated follow up (by me, anyway) to 2000’s PC/Mac game American McGee’s Alice – the dark and gritty telling of Alice’s post-Looking Glassadventures in what has now become a twisted version of Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. The original game had Alice following an anorexic, pierced Cheshire Cat around a grotesque Wonderland, presumably due to Alice’s inclement insanity, slashing her way through the Red Queen’s guards amongst other familiar faces from Carroll’s universe with a bloody knife, and the sequel delivers more of the same.

L.A. Noire: Review

Let’s get this out of the way: you should probably play L.A. Noire. I just want to put that out there now for fear that my laundry list of complaints will detract anyone from experiencing this game which, flaws aside (and there are many of them), presents players with a radically new gameplay mechanic that… Continue reading L.A. Noire: Review