Nostalgia is Magic: Breathing New Life into Childhood Castoffs

Attention Bronies and Pegasisters: If you haven’t heard of Mari Kasurinen, then sit right here next to me because I have something awesome to share. She’s the artist behind the My Little Pop Icons art series which features My Little Ponies that she mods, transforming them into your favorite characters. This is even better than… Continue reading Nostalgia is Magic: Breathing New Life into Childhood Castoffs

Tomb Raider: The Art of Survival – (Art Book)

The Art of Survival follows the development of Lara Croft from some of her earliest concept art (there was a monkey involved), to her final finished render. Not simply a book of art, The Art of Survival also features a “director’s commentary” by Senior Art Director Brian Horton, who hand picked each image featured within the hefty 272 page book.

Best Friends Forever: Send Help to Prevent Canicide!

Since we last posted about our buddy Brea Grant’s upcoming feature film Best Friends Forever, their kickstarter campaign has picked up a lot steam with donations from all around the world. With only SIX days left, they need a bit more of our help to cover post-production costs (they shot on expensive 16mm). As you guys are probably well aware, if the goal of 75K isn’t met, all of the funding goes *poof*.

See axl99 Create Nerd-Infused Art Live Saturday 1pm EST: Check it!

Every once in a while our good friend aXL99 creates some of her incredible nerd-infused art live for all to see. For those that aren’t aware, aXL99 was featured heavily in this summer’s Bioware art contest and was recently Bioware’s featured fan artist (shes that good).

Watch aXL99 Create Some Incredible Mass Effect Art Live! *NOW*

aXL99 is a good friend to us nerds here at NA as well as a huge fan of all things nerdy. If you’ve ever been curious about how some incredible Mass Effec fan art is created hop on over to this LIVESTREAM and come hang out. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and pester her while she draws something cool.