Rated NA Special: Marissa Meyer at SDCC 2017

Guest hosts Melissa and Christina talk to NYT Bestselling Author, Marissa Meyer about her new book, Renegades as well as the Lunar Chronicles and more. Support Rated NA… – Try Audible and get a free audiobook download – Subscribe to us on Twitch and follow us on Mixer!

My 1st GeekGirlCon Wrap-Up by Missmayyoke

Hey! Melissa here recapping what was an empowering female convention for us female nerds – GEEKGIRLCON 2013!

I attended with Ash’s wife/my sister, Christina. It was her first time in Seattle and my first trip back in over ten years so we trampled around a bit and caused some mischief of our own.

Star Wars Reads Day II

Calling all Star Wars-loving parents, children and fans of all ages! Star Wars Reads Day is BACK! This October 5, 2013 you can participate alongside other Star Wars fans, authors, and artists in a nationwide multi-publisher reading event! Stores across the nation are preparing for a fun day of reading and activities all Star Wars themed for your sci-fi heart.… Continue reading Star Wars Reads Day II

Comic Con 2013: The Machine of Death

If a machine existed that could predict how you were going to die, would you use it? After wandering the Comic-Con floor for hours my wife and I stumbled across a small booth near the back of the hall. Mysteriously propped up on the table was a strange device made of metal and plastic roughly… Continue reading Comic Con 2013: The Machine of Death

J.K. Rowling’s Secret Book – Available Now?

It didn’t take a bottle of poly-juice potion for Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to fool the public for months with a fake identity. According to the UK’s Telegraph Rowling is actually the author of Robert Galbraith’s crime novel The Cuckoo’s Calling, which has only managed to sell a meager 1500 copies since its debut in April… Continue reading J.K. Rowling’s Secret Book – Available Now?

Bioshock Infinite: Brady’s Limited Edition Strategy Guide is Classy

Bioshock Infinite’s limited edition strategy guide from Brady Games not only answered all of my pressing questions, it answered them with style. In the introduction Irrational’s Ken Levine states something that I couldn’t agree with more,” It’s a true insider’s look at the game, to explore Colombia with a packet of information that Booker Dewitt would have killed for..”

Oz:The Great and Powerful – “Not the Wizard we were expecting”

It’s risky to attempt a prequel of a beloved story successfully without disappointing generations of cult followers. I have to admit, however, I’m usually a fan of these- being able to separate an otherwise interesting concept from an original masterpiece (Prometheus, Star Wars I-III, X-Men:First Class, The Hobbit, and Star Trek:Enterprise). Okay, maybe masterpiece is… Continue reading Oz:The Great and Powerful – “Not the Wizard we were expecting”