Nerd Appropriate Turns Six!

It’s hard to believe that Matt, Scott and I started Nerd Appropriate a whopping SIX years ago. Since our adventure began, two NA babies have been born, careers have changed and dream jobs have come and gone. Speaking for the whole team, I’d have to say that the one constant in all of our hectic… Continue reading Nerd Appropriate Turns Six!

Welcome WIDGET – Women in Development (Games and Everything Tech)

Big welcome to WIDGET, a brand new website devoted to women in the fields of science and technology.  It’s WIDGET’s hope to build a positive nurturing community for creative types everywhere, and might we just say that the women of WIDGET are already off to an incredible start.  With launch articles from Bioware’s Lead Editor… Continue reading Welcome WIDGET – Women in Development (Games and Everything Tech)

PAX East 2012: Inside Robot Entertainment’s Hero Academy

I said it before and I’ll say it again, Hero Academy is the best asynchronous strategy game currently on the iOS. We were lucky enough to chat with Marcin Szymanski, lead programmer and designer of Hero Academy at this years PAX: East, and learned a little bit about the game we here at NA have grown to truly love.

Pax East 2012: Kick Off The Con With The Pre-Pax Game Swap!

Last year Matt and I had an absolute blast at’s pre-PAX video game swap party and met some great folks too. The concept is simple, bring a video game with you to the event (any platform wil do), and walk away another game for zero dollars! The swap party is an awesome way to pick up a title you may have missed otherwise, AND meet like minded gamers and industry folk.

Comic-Con 2011: Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns, But Only For a Day

The former Chosen One, Sarah Michelle Gellar, makes her first trip back to Comic-Con since promoting The Grudge almost 10 years ago! Gellar jump-kicks her way back to Ballroom 20 in order plug her new show “The Ringer” which premieres this fall on The CW.

Twitter Contest: Enter to win a copy of Star Wars Dark Empire Trilogy in HC

Well, we’ve been promoting this for a while, and we are finally doing it. Our first Twitter give away. You have 24 hours to follow and RT our message! Make sure you follow the NerdAppropriate twitter account and RT the tweet INCLUDING the hashtag on it. We will be filtering out any double tweeters so… Continue reading Twitter Contest: Enter to win a copy of Star Wars Dark Empire Trilogy in HC