Con Report: MAY-HEM – Day 1

The folks at Spooky Empires put on a great con that is chiefly geared toward horror and science fiction fans. Spooky Empires is a blast mainly due to its unique “family reunion” atmosphere. Does this mean that there are creepy drunk uncles wandering the floor? No… well… yes, but not really.

He is the night and now he has friends

I have been a fan of Batman for an extremely long time. I vividly remember going to the comic shop where I grew up and purchasing Batman: Arkham Asylum. It was mind blowing, Batman was locked up in order to catch the killer Zsasz. They stage a cop’s murder and blame Batman, declaring him insane to land him in Arkham. What unfolds is an awesome detective story mixed with complete insanity. I was 14, maybe 15. I was officially in love with Batman.