Nerd Appropriate Turns Six!

It’s hard to believe that Matt, Scott and I started Nerd Appropriate a whopping SIX years ago. Since our adventure began, two NA babies have been born, careers have changed and dream jobs have come and gone. Speaking for the whole team, I’d have to say that the one constant in all of our hectic… Continue reading Nerd Appropriate Turns Six!

PAX East 2014: The PAX Experience

RNA_PAX_2014Describing what PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) is to someone who has never been to a PAX can be a bit of a challenge. It’s a convention, sure, but it’s also a whole lot more than that. PAX has become a bi tri-yearly pilgrimage for gamers and creatives, a utopia where they can go and be surrounded by other people similar to themselves…  oh, and also play some video games.

Question of the Week Contest!? — You Enter a Dimly Lit Dungeon…

Hey guys! We’re giving away a few copies of Robot Loves Kitty’s amazingly fun dungeon crawler Legend of Dungeon.  Winning yourself a copy is incredibly simple, all you have to do is answer our question of the week. Here she blows! NAQOTW: “You enter a dimly lit dungeon and find a large unlocked oaken door, behind… Continue reading Question of the Week Contest!? — You Enter a Dimly Lit Dungeon…

Win a copy of Don’t Starve for supporting our friends!

We are running a small Facebook promotion RIGHT NOW! All you have to do is head over to Facebook and like and/or share the Rated NA 111 Post with our friend Brea Grant. She is promoting her new movie Best Friends Forever and we want to help! So go over to Facebook like or share… Continue reading Win a copy of Don’t Starve for supporting our friends!

Help Participate in Rated NA 100!

With 99 episodes under our belt it’s finally time to record episode 100 of our podcast Rated NA. The “Nerd Appropriate Signature Question” has always been about our guests’ secret hobbies and/or passions, and we’ve gotten some shockingly awesome answers over the years. It dawned on us while we were working on content for episode 100,… Continue reading Help Participate in Rated NA 100!

PAX East 2013: Exclusive BioWare Base Panel Coverage

Thanks so much for checking out Nerd Appropriate’s coverage of the 2013 BioWare Base at PAX East. As massive BioWare fans, we’re excited to be able to bring this to you. For a quick look, head to or simply download them directly from iTunes or Feedburner.

PAX East 2013: The PAX Experience

PAX has done a lot for our little outlet. Over two years ago Matt, Scott, and myself started NA as a means to highlight the crazy things we really care about (Hilary hopped on board later). Our podcast has become a beloved weekly ritual that all of us hate to miss. To be honest (speaking on their behalf), we never anticipated being able to talk to the folks that we have over the years, and so many incredible names have already been crossed off our our “bucket list.”

March Mayhem Returns – Will We Survive?

March is always an interesting month for us at Nerd Appropriate, and this year will be no different. We wanted to give you all a quick shout out for sticking with us for so long and helping our little outlet continue to grow. Take a quick peep at some of the things we have lined up for this month and some other ways that you can help us out.