Summer of Netflix: Sunday Morning Edition

This past weekend I woke up on Sunday and thought, man I could do some cereal and cartoons. It used to be a ritual of mine growing up. I would read the Sunday Funnies (Calvin & Hobbes for life) and turn on the ol’ boob tube and relax for hours. I watched all the classics,… Continue reading Summer of Netflix: Sunday Morning Edition

Summer of Netflix: Black Death (movies to watch when you’re sick)

When the bubonic plague hit in 1348 it was pretty bad time to be a Catholic. Monks and Nuns were infected just as much as the beggars and peasants, and the one man everyone looked to for guidance, the Pope, packed his bags and ran away to Babylon. Back then, most people believed that the Black Death was in fact one of God’s biblical plagues, and that God was very very pissed off. Acting out of desperation, men committed unspeakable acts in the name of God in order to shield themselves from his wrath. This is a story of those men.