My 1st GeekGirlCon Wrap-Up by Missmayyoke

Hey! Melissa here recapping what was an empowering female convention for us female nerds – GEEKGIRLCON 2013!

I attended with Ash’s wife/my sister, Christina. It was her first time in Seattle and my first trip back in over ten years so we trampled around a bit and caused some mischief of our own.

Uber App: Summon Lincoln Town Car!

Like a magical “summon spell”, Uber uses GPS technology to call a quick luxury ride at a slightly inflated cost. Within five minutes of pressing the “Call Ride” button, our black on black Lincoln Town Car arrived to take us to our destination… It was pretty awesome and relatively low priced.

Nest – Nerd Appropriate in the house!

Have you ever been sitting on your couch and wished it was a few degrees warmer? Ever left for a long weekend and forgot to change your thermostat so that your A/C didn’t run the whole time raising your power bill? Really don’t care enough about you thermostat to want to mess with it? Well then you’re in luck! The Nest Thermostat may be just what you are looking for.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

While some of you may know me as the Google Fanboy and many of you have heard us endlessly whine and complain about smart phones and technology on the podcast, the truth of the matter is I’m a technophile. I love reading, talking and espousing my opinions on all things technology, and today that world… Continue reading R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Time to DJ with the best of ’em…and mostly the worst of ’em

How many times have you been at a club listening to the DJ thinking to yourself, “I can do better.” Well there’s a new app on facebook that is allowing you to do just that. For everyone who’s ever dreamed of kicking it on the 1’s and 2’s you now can hop on, give yourself… Continue reading Time to DJ with the best of ’em…and mostly the worst of ’em

Netflix raises prices and the internet gathers their pitchforks

Today Netflix announced a rather drastic change to their pricing schemes which in essence separates out their streaming from their DVD rental. The original pricing for one DVD and unlimited streaming was $9.99 a month. If we can all hold off from lighting the effigy yet, I think we can probably realize that it was… Continue reading Netflix raises prices and the internet gathers their pitchforks