Rated NA 320: PAX West 2018 (Part Two)

Matt, Ash, and Scott tackle Saturday at PAX including BioWare’s Anthem panel, Dreams, Killer Queen Black, Star Control Origins, and more! – Try Audible and get a free audiobook download – Subscribe to us on Twitch and follow us on Mixer Want to help change the world? NerdsVote is a group of notable nerds linking… Continue reading Rated NA 320: PAX West 2018 (Part Two)

Rated NA 278: Beat to Completion

Hosts: Matt, Scott, and Ash. This week the team talks San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Overwatch’s Doomfist, and Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and Master of None. Or download this episode to listen offline! Support Rated NA… – Try Audible and get a free audiobook download – Subscribe to us on Twitch and follow us on Mixer!

Rated NA 272: The Classics

This week Ash and Scott  gather to talk Iron Fist on Netflix, Bethesda’s Prey, and Dawn of War III from Relic and SEGA. If you’re itching for some news, the team digs into the future(?) of the Mass Effect franchise, Fall T.V. cancellations, and this month’s Games With Gold. Or download this episode to listen offline!… Continue reading Rated NA 272: The Classics

Rated NA 267: The Elcor in the Room

Ash and Scott get into the early hours of Mass Effect Andromeda, preview Rain World, talk S-Town, and make a fun announcement regarding Star Wars Celebration! Or download this episode to listen offline! Support Rated NA… – Try Audible and get a free audio book download – Subscribe to us on Twitch !!

Rated NA 201: Magical Fisting

Hosts Matt, Ash and guest host Kate talk Dragon Age:Inquisition’s latest multiplayer expansion, Joss Whedon’s departure from the Twitterverse and a MYST…T.V. show? This week the team also gives an in depth reviews of Avengers: Age of Ultron and From Software’s brutally challenging Bloodborne.

DA:I Jaws of Hakkon: It’s More Than Bearable DLC

Mild Spoilers (e.g. basic plot overview) for Dragon Age Inquisition: Jaws of Hakkon DLC ahead!   Since Dragon Age: Inquisition was released in November I have spent a shameful amount of time running around Thedas with multiple inquisitors, checking out various plots and exploring zones I blew past during my initial run. It seemed like… Continue reading DA:I Jaws of Hakkon: It’s More Than Bearable DLC

Rated NA 194: Foreplay Romance in Games @ PAX East 2015

Explore love, lust, and choice in games in a lively discussion with moderator and Let’s Quip creator, Sean Baptiste, Dragon Age Creative Director, Mike Laidlaw, The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones writer, Nicole Martinez, Billionaire Banshee creator, Steven “Razlo” Bailey, Strange Loves videogame series writer/producer, Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows, Dragon Age and Mass Effect Global Product Manager, Hilary Heskett Shapiro and special surprise guest Dragon Age and Mass Effect writer Patrick Weekes!

Rated NA 193: PAX East 2015 Spectacular!

Ash and Matt head to PAX East to play some games and hang out with some very special guests! – They also take a look at Blizzard’s Overwatch, We Happy Few, Mayan Death Robots, Masquerada, Necopolis, Ghost Song, Curses and Chaos, Death’s Gamble, Westerado, and more!

Rated NA 184: Inside Inquisition with Patrick Weekes

Hosts: Ash and Kate (guest) Ash and Kate sit down with author and BioWare scribe Patrick Weekes to discuss Dragon Age: Inquisition. Just a warning, this is a spoiler filled episode, so if you haven’t beaten Dragon Age: Inquisition you may wish to steer clear. If you’re a bit curious about the characters of Iron Bull,… Continue reading Rated NA 184: Inside Inquisition with Patrick Weekes

Rated NA 183: Bests of 2014

Ash, Scott, and Matt sit down and reflect on all the best stuff that happened in 2014 from their favorite games and films to some surprise tear jerking moments and greatest disappointments. 2014 has been an incredible year for Rated NA and this episode serves as a love letter of sorts to our community, guests, family, and friends. Thanks so much!