Rated NA 95: A Pirate’s Life

Miellyn Barrows stops by for the usual shenanigans as we look forward to PAX East. Assassin’s Creed has gone pirate, Mass Effect gets a Reckoning, Dead Space 3 gets spoilery, and The Bridge melts minds. Finally, you tell us your essential items for a plague free convention season in our NAQOTW. Ahoy!

Rated NA 92: Virtual High-Five!

With Hil out, Nate from Reset Transmission makes a surprise appearance on the podcast, literally. What better way to spend your Valentines week than with a Bro-cast! Star Wars movie news and new Dreamcast games will never stop, while the Justice League film probably will. Journey scoops up more honors at the DICE awards, while we continue our review in progress of Dead Space 3. We take a look at Netflix’s House of Cards, the return of Community, and the Dark Knights Returns animated feature. Finally, we discuss what you want to see in the next Assassin’s Creed game. High-Five!

Scared Shitless? Does Dead Space 3 Still Deliver the Terror?

And just like that, with a single creepy glance, a new leader in survival horror was crowned. The final moment of the original Dead Space delivered one of best scares in gaming history. In the past few weeks I’ve heard a ton of comments by folks claiming that Dead Space 3, with the inclusion of… Continue reading Scared Shitless? Does Dead Space 3 Still Deliver the Terror?

Rated NA 91: Late nights with Nerd Appropriate

We continue our countdown to PAX with new schemes. Also, news about Witcher 3, and an announcement on the horizon from Sony. Ash checks out the new film, Warm Bodies, and the gang gives some early impressions of Dead Space 3. Finally, you help us wildly speculate about most wanted features in the PS4 in our NAQOTW.

Rated NA 87: The Year in Preview

It’s the year 2013. Ash makes a fly-by of the games coming out in the first quarter, and we give our early opinions about each. We go in-depth with Rad Soldiers, Fable: The Journey, Downtown Abbey, Far Cry 3 and more tales from the ‘verse in FTL. Finally, Matt previews some likely nerdy highlights of all of 2013 including movies, comics, and tech. And, as always, your responses in our NAQOTW. Warm up your crystal balls and plug in that crusty Zoltar machine… It’s time!

Rated NA 64: Whiskey gravy, on the rocks

We get together at the end of a long week to bring you the latest from Microsoft, Comic Con, and upcoming games. We review Lollipop Chainsaw, Spirit Camera, Uber Cab, and in-progress talk about Kingdoms of Amalur and Hunger Games. Finally, we talk about Dads on this Father’s Day edition podcast.


    Today we talk about E3, the games, the pressers, and well THE GAMES! Still rocking our new intro from http://www.biggiantcircles.com. So tune in and enjoy! Rated NA 62: E3EXTRAVAGANZA

Rated NA 61: Large Huge Ellipsoids

Brand new theme song from Jimmy Hinson aka Big Giant Circles!! We talk Gears, Star Wars, Zombies, pre-E3, Microsoft, Comics, Mass Effect, Dragon’s Dogma, Max Payne 3. On this music inspired episode you tell us what the soundtrack to your life would sound like. Thank you BGC!