Rated NA 232: Nostalgia

Hosts: Ash, Scott, and Kate: We get into the betas for Gears of War 4 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Plus, a surprise appearance by Kate Dollarhyde, and your IP crossover dreams in our NAQOTW! Also, we’re now on Twitch.tv/NerdAppropriate !! Join us! Listen now! Or, download this episode to listen offline. Support Rated NA Save 10% on… Continue reading Rated NA 232: Nostalgia

Rated NA 185: In the Future

Welcome to 2015! Ash sees Night and the Museum 3 and plays Kingdom Rush: Origins. Matt catches up on Telltale Games and gets into Destiny. Scott watches Ascension and rants about AC Unity plus AC Unity Companion App. Finally, we look ahead to the upcoming movies and games of 2015, and you tell us what you’re most excited for in our NAQOTW! #BeCarefulInTheFuture

Rated NA 174: Hard Mode

Hosts: Scott, Matt and Ash

Scott and Ash return triumphant from Destiny’s Vault of Glass. Scott watches Automata (film) and there’s a ton of news including Marvel and DC films, the return of Twin Peaks, HBO going over the top, and Star Wars concept art. Finally, we ask you about your most challenging or frustrating moments in video games in our NAQOTW. #loot

Rated NA 173: Dance Your Face Off

Hosts: Scott, Matt, and Ash

We’re joined by Harmonix product manager, Jessa Brezinski, to talk a little Dance Central: Spotlight, and Disney’s Fantasia: Music Evolved. We also give our first impressions of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and bring back a long-awaited classic, the Netflix game!

Rated NA 171: Man Down

Hosts: Ash, Matt With Scott on an “away mission” Matt and Ash talk about the latest news regarding Microsoft and Mojang, Blizzard’s cancellation of Titan, FOX’s Gotham, and high level Destiny content. In our NAQOTW we discuss some  of your biggest television and video game surprises over the years! http://media.blubrry.com/ratedna/cdn.nerdappropriate.com/podcasts/Rated-NA-171.mp3 Rated NA 171 Save 10%… Continue reading Rated NA 171: Man Down

Rated NA 170: Is it Your Destiny?

Hosts: Ash, Matt, Scott

The gang is back together for first-impressions of Bungie’s Destiny! Also, we preview Fall 2014 TV, play Super Time Force, and take a quick look at Dance Central Spotlight. In our NAQOTW, you tell us about your hits and misses so far with Destiny.

Rated NA 164: Podcast of the Galaxy

Hosts: Matt, Scott, and Ash

The gang is back together again to talk Guardians of the Galaxy. [Caution: Spoilers from 1:04:38 – 1:26:38, ample warning provided] . We review Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas and 80 Days (inkle studios), and preview the Orcs Must Die Unchained BETA and Destiny BETA experiences. More news from SDCC, Ghostbusters 3, Xbox Games with Gold, and Google Photos. Finally, you tell us what MARVEL properties next deserve the silver screen treatment.

Rated NA 161: Northwest Adventures

Ash returns with tales of Northwest travel adventures. We take a look at Plundernauts on mobile, and the documentary, Jodoworsky’s Dune. Also, news on Comic-Con, Destiny, Twin Peaks, and Battleborn. Finally, with con season right around the corner, we talk essential convention survival tips with you in our NAQOTW.

Rated NA 160: Pen and Paper and Hair

Hosts: Matt and Scott / Guest-host: Nate (@nhales80)

The gang checks out Guacamelee STCE for Xbox One and the new D&D 5th Edition Starter Set. News about Destiny, Hitman Go, and Squids. In our NAQOTW you tell us what games you would most like to see make the jump to Pen and Paper. Also, ear hair (?)