Rated NA 207: E3 for You and Me

Scott, Ash and Matt check in this week to see how Ash’s adventures went at E3. We take a look at all of the news and happenings at the event. Everything including Gears of War 4, Halo 5, FFVII, Dishonored 2, and so so much more. Ash and Matt talk about their opening thoughts on… Continue reading Rated NA 207: E3 for You and Me

Rated NA 79: And it feels so good

The gang is finally back together again to talk X-Com, Dance Central 3, Borderlands 2 DLC, and Dishonored. We talk technology with the iPad Mini and Microsoft Surface. We also gush over Avengers news, and Hilary spoils a movie or two. On this pre-Halloween contest we reminisce about costumes with your responses in our NAQOTW! Spooky!

Dishonored the Nerd Appropriate Review

If you have been waiting for a game that combines the stealth play of Metal Gear and Thief, the supernatural abilities of Bioshock, the Story of, dare I say, Bioware quality and a setting unlike much else, then the game you have been waiting for is here. Bethesda has unleashed the surprise new IP Dishonored… Continue reading Dishonored the Nerd Appropriate Review

Rated NA 73: Master of the Orange Shorts (PAX Prime pt 1)

The gang returns from PAX Prime 2012 amidst an explosion of new device announcements. Tales of parties, hi-jinks, and games… along with our usual nonsense. Finally, your favorite convention memories.