Rated NA 169: PAX Prime 2014 Interview Spectacular

Hosts: Ash and Scott

Join us live on the show floor from PAX Prime 2014 as we talk to developers for Evolve, Darkest Dungeon, Don’t Starve, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, No. 4 from Behemoth, Star Crawlers, and Assassins Creed Unity!

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Rated NA 99: Gentleman Podcast

The gang returns from PAX East 2013 with tales of gaming, friendship, and pax pox. In Hilary’s absence, an attempt at a gentleman podcast is made. We talk about our favorite games, from AAA to indie, from tabletop to mobile. Finally, you share your favorite, recent con memories with us in our NAQOTW.

PAX East 2013: The PAX Experience

PAX has done a lot for our little outlet. Over two years ago Matt, Scott, and myself started NA as a means to highlight the crazy things we really care about (Hilary hopped on board later). Our podcast has become a beloved weekly ritual that all of us hate to miss. To be honest (speaking on their behalf), we never anticipated being able to talk to the folks that we have over the years, and so many incredible names have already been crossed off our our “bucket list.”