Review: Armello (on Nintendo Switch)

Armello is a digital fantasy board game developed by League of Geeks. Previously available on other platforms, Armello now finds its way to Switch, and I really feel like this might be one of the best places to play it. The Armello is set in a fantasy realm, where players can choose from a variety… Continue reading Review: Armello (on Nintendo Switch)

Rated NA 103: Yub Nub

A slow news week can’t keep the gang down on this May the Fourth / Free Comic Book Day celebration. We talk Shadow of the Eternals, High Heavens, Dragon Age: World of Thedas, The Elite, Star Command, and Far Cry: Blood Dragon. Ash regales us with takes of D&D, and you tell us your go-to fantasy RPG class. Utini!

Oz:The Great and Powerful – “Not the Wizard we were expecting”

It’s risky to attempt a prequel of a beloved story successfully without disappointing generations of cult followers. I have to admit, however, I’m usually a fan of these- being able to separate an otherwise interesting concept from an original masterpiece (Prometheus, Star Wars I-III, X-Men:First Class, The Hobbit, and Star Trek:Enterprise). Okay, maybe masterpiece is… Continue reading Oz:The Great and Powerful – “Not the Wizard we were expecting”

Friends Let Friends Read…

A couple of years ago, my awesome friend Jorge lent me a book. (Excited yet? You should be.) It was titled, God’s Demon which piqued my curiosity not only because of the name, but also the way the pages rippled from repeated fondling. (You’re sick if you thought anything other than reading. This is a family site, people. No, not really. Skeet!)