Halo 4: Revisited

We talked about (and argued, but it’s been lost to the archives) Halo 4 on the podcast but have yet to commit anything to digital ink, as it were. This is because Halo 4 felt like it deserved a bit more than a gut reaction to gameplay and graphics. This deserved some inspection into story and polish. 343 did not have it easy here, they were following in the footsteps of a highly vaunted developer in Bungie. This is the company that along with Epic lifted the XBox up into new heights. 343 had to come in and not just keep a series fresh, but make make it their own without pissing off legions of fans. Did they accomplish this task? You’ll have to read on.

Rated NA 77: Husband Swap!

Today we talk about the exit of Cliffy B, Fallout…MMO?, Mass Effect 3 Retaliation, and a new web series for some indie game called Halo 4. We review the new Resident Evil 6, Looper and revisit an old stand by in Lost. Finally we close it out with your NAQOTW’s for US (What a twist!).… Continue reading Rated NA 77: Husband Swap!


    Today we talk about E3, the games, the pressers, and well THE GAMES! Still rocking our new intro from http://www.biggiantcircles.com. So tune in and enjoy! Rated NA 62: E3EXTRAVAGANZA