Comic-Con 2013: Hidden Gems – Five Panels Not to Miss

Every year that I go to Comic-Con I do my best to check out some panels and events that aren’t massive studio funded spectacles. Here some of the panels happening next week that you should add to your list.

Try This at Home With Crabcat Industries: Building Badassery

We’ve been covering the creative folks at Crabcat Industries for ages now and are stoked to share with you the very first episode of their Nerdist series Try This at Home With Crabcat Industries. If you’re curious about Crabcat and what they do, you should check out Morgan Spurlock’s beautiful documentary Comic-Con Episode IV: a Fan’s Hope. Try this at Home aims to help viewers with a wide variety of projects from prop building to power suits. I can’t wait to see the freaking power suits!

PAX Prime 2012: Pre Pax Community Gathering Gallery

Thursday night we had the pleasure of helping put together a small gathering of community friends in celebration of PAX: Prime, and we couldn’t have asked for a more memorable experience. What started out as a casual cup of coffee with friends turned into one of the most positive experiences I’ve ever had at a convention.

Geek Girl Con 2012: Bioware’s The Myth of “The Female Gamer Perspective” – Panel Coverage

The second BioWare panel at Geek Girl Con titled, “Myth of the Female Gamer Perspective,” was an attempt to explore and generate discussion on what can be a polarizing topic. Karin Weekes (senior editor) moderated the panel while the panelists included were: Sheryl Chee (writer); Jessica Merizan (community manager);  Sarah Hayward (cinematic designer); Melanie Fleming (localization producer) and Kris Schoneberg (level designer).

Comic-Con 2012: The Nerdist Channel’s New Lineup Highlights Creativity

We love what both Geek and Sundry and The Nerdist are doing for pop-culture.  By highlighting creative and intelligent individuals that typically don’t get a ton of attention, Nerdist Industries lets people know that it’s okay to be an art nerd, or a science nerd.  Nerdist lets you know that it’s totally okay to be exactly who or what you want to be.