Rated NA 163: Live From SDCC 2014!

Comic-Con-LogoAsh and Matt bring you daily recaps of their shenanigans at San Diego Comic Con 2014! Join them on their and steady descent into total depravity.

Rated NA 67: SDCC 2012 Interview Special

On this special episode Ash and Scott take you through our interviews from San Diego Comic Con 2012. Ash meets up with David Gaider, the lead writer of BioWare’s Dragon Age, during preview night. Next, we talk to the busy ladies form Team Unicorn about Voltron and toy collecting. Finally, a fun chat with actress Courtenay Taylor (Jack from Mass Effect) at the BioWare base about voice acting… and Floaty Pens? We also bring you some audio from the Firefly 10th anniversary panel and press conference. Shiny.

Comic-Con 2012: This is Preview Night!

As soon as we got into the door I turned to a few of the folks with me and said “Don’t get used to this, it’s about to get a lot more crowded in here.” Within about 15 minutes standard walking became the “con shuffle”, a sort of rhythmic zombie stride that is nowhere close to actual walking. It’s hard to believe there will be MORE people here tomorrow.