Rated NA 230: The Up and Down

Hosts: Matt, Ash, and Scott: Orphan Black is back, and Red Dead 2 leaks. Plus MCU, new console hardware, Battleborn impressions, and Rita Repulsa! We talk about your thoughts on new console hardware in our NAQOTW. Also, we’re now on Twitch.tv/NerdAppropriate¬†!! Join us! Listen now!¬†Or, download this episode to listen offline. Support Rated NA Save… Continue reading Rated NA 230: The Up and Down

Rated NA 130: Twerking for the weekend

Scott and Ash embrace the future with the release of the Xbox One. Plus, news on next-gen console sales, the Games with Gold promotion, and getting up close and personal on Twitch. We take a look at AC4 Black Flag (Xbox One), Almost Human (FOX), and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Film). Gobble Gobble.

Rated NA 129: Sean Baptiste from Fire Hose Games

Sean Baptiste from Fire Hose Games drops by to talk about their recently announced indie incubation project. We also talk about his journey into the gaming industry, the Boston indie scene, and his standing in the NAFFL. Finally, in our indie themed NAQOTW, you tell us about your favorite indie games so far!

Rated NA 128: Alix Wilton Regan

We’re pleased as punch to welcome to the show, Alix Wilton Regan, voice actress for Samantha Traynor in ME3. We talk with Alix about her path to acting, giving 110%, Traynor, and meeting fans at conventions. It’s a fun one, and we think you’ll really enjoy this one! After the interview, Ash and Scott return to handle the news and look forward to the future with next-gen systems.

Rated NA 127: Michele Boyd

We welcome the multi-talented Michele Boyd to the show this week to talk about her upcoming project, Penny Horrors, as well as her origin story, acting, producing, Team Unicorn, and so much more! Ash and Scott return to handle the news and other shenanigans.

Keep an eye on PennyHorrors.com for exciting news and announcements, as well as the KickStarter campaign!

Rated NA 126: Candy pile

The gang gets swept up in Halloween, let’s pile up the spoils and see what we’ve got! Scott gets new chatacters in the mobile favorite, Combo Crew, and plays the sugary-sweet FORCED, now available on Steam. Matt discovers a fun-sized bundle of HBO with comcast internet, then goes straight for Batman: Arkham Origins. Ash unrwaps Capcom’s 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia, and still has a sweet-tooth for GTA V. Hilary sinks her teeth into The White Queen miniseries and NBC’s Dracula. Finally, we haunt the NAFF and NAPL, before settling in to hear your favorite memories from Halloweens past in our NAQOTW.

Rated NA 94: Take Five

And after a few takes, we discuss the PS4, new Mass Effect 3 DLC, and gaming websites. We review Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Anna Karenina, Die Hard 5, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Finally you tell us about the most difficult and rewarding boss fights in our NAQOTW. Improvise!

Rated NA 91: Late nights with Nerd Appropriate

We continue our countdown to PAX with new schemes. Also, news about Witcher 3, and an announcement on the horizon from Sony. Ash checks out the new film, Warm Bodies, and the gang gives some early impressions of Dead Space 3. Finally, you help us wildly speculate about most wanted features in the PS4 in our NAQOTW.