Rated NA 74: I’ll take all the dongles

The gang gets into some spirited discussion about the Wii U talking prices, hardware, games, and your feels. There’s a new iPhone and a new jam from CossbySweater. We review Transformers: FoC, the new Resident Evil movie, JJ Abrams’ Revolution, and the Walking Dead Episode 3. Nah-Quatto!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Early Nerdtastic Television Panel Schedule!

It’s that time again. The mother of all nerd conventions is less than a month away and while information is a bit scarce as to which of your favorite shows will be in attendance (all of them), we do have some early panel information that popped up on both TV.Com and TV Guide. With Comic-Con growing each and every year it’s a safe bet that your favorite television series will probably make an appearance to plug their upcoming season or to just have some fun.