Rated NA 118: Pre PAX Posturing

Miellyn stops by to hang out with the gang and talk about Strange Loves 2: Hex Boyfriends, the gamebook sequel to the most excellent Strange Loves: Vampire Boyfriends. On the weekend before the journey to the Pacific Northwest and PAX, Ash plays Saints Row IV and Hilary watches The White Queen. We talk Ben Affleck & Batman, Steve Ballmer & Microsoft and Heroes of Cosplay. Finally, we talk PAX panels and plans, in addition to the things for which you are most excite in our NAQOTW. It’s a hootenanny!

Comic-Con 2013: The Games of Comic-Con [Full Gaming Panel Listing]

While not quite as massive as E3 or PAX, Comic-Con 2013 has an impressive roster of studios showing off their upcoming games and swag. The following is a list of studios, publishers, and/or game related businesses which will be on the Comic-Con floor doing their thing.

Rated NA 99: Gentleman Podcast

The gang returns from PAX East 2013 with tales of gaming, friendship, and pax pox. In Hilary’s absence, an attempt at a gentleman podcast is made. We talk about our favorite games, from AAA to indie, from tabletop to mobile. Finally, you share your favorite, recent con memories with us in our NAQOTW.