PAX East 2014: Secret Ponchos – Behind the Poncho!

RNA_PAX_2014I’ve been keeping my eye on Secret Ponchos since I first saw it at last year’s PAX: East and since that time the spaghetti-western-shooter has grown up and matured quite a bit… like a delicious cheese if you will. Initially designed for the PS3, Secret Ponchos has been rebuilt to run at 60FPS on the PS4 and looks prettier than ever with enhanced character models, lighting, and a ton of polish.

Rated NA 148: Live from PAX East 2014

[HOSTS: Ash, Matt, and Scott] Join us as we hang out in the halls of PAX and our hotel room to recap our events of each day. We give some quick impressions of games, panels, meals, drinks, and sleeping arrangements(?!). Come hang out for all of the fun, and none of the PAX-pox!

PAX East 2013: Secret Ponchos – Style Drenched Spaghetti Time

As I was wandering the show floor at this year’s PAX East (while trying desperately to avoid the dreaded PAX POX), I stumbled across Secret Ponchos, the latest title from Switchblade Monkeys. While there were hundreds of games at PAX to be played something about Secret Poncho’s raw style really drew me in. I guess I’m a sucker for a good poncho.