Rated NA 151: Foreplay Romance in Games Pt 3 @ PAX East 2014

[HOSTS: Ash, Matt, and Scott] Our pal MFB drops by to talk Foreplay… Romance in Games, that is! Enjoy the third installment of the popular panel, recorded at PAX East 2014. Its clever, light-hearted, and a ton of fun – we think you’ll Love it (see what we did, there?).

Rated NA 127: Michele Boyd

We welcome the multi-talented Michele Boyd to the show this week to talk about her upcoming project, Penny Horrors, as well as her origin story, acting, producing, Team Unicorn, and so much more! Ash and Scott return to handle the news and other shenanigans.

Keep an eye on PennyHorrors.com for exciting news and announcements, as well as the KickStarter campaign!

THQ assets sold pending approval, your thoughts?

The bankruptcy proceedings of THQ continues to be one of the larger headlines in a week full of gaming-related news and events. Up until now, we’ve been hearing the rumors of companies bidding on THQ studios and games. This week results of some of those sales are coming to light.


    Today we talk about E3, the games, the pressers, and well THE GAMES! Still rocking our new intro from http://www.biggiantcircles.com. So tune in and enjoy! Rated NA 62: E3EXTRAVAGANZA