Rated NA 160: Pen and Paper and Hair

Hosts: Matt and Scott / Guest-host: Nate (@nhales80)

The gang checks out Guacamelee STCE for Xbox One and the new D&D 5th Edition Starter Set. News about Destiny, Hitman Go, and Squids. In our NAQOTW you tell us what games you would most like to see make the jump to Pen and Paper. Also, ear hair (?)

Rated NA 152: Billionaire Banshee!

[HOSTS: Ash, and Scott] We welcome Steven Bailey (from Game Yay Fun) to the program to talk about his new indie tabletop card game, Billionaire Banshee, as the project enters the final days of the KickStarter campaign! Old pals, Sean Baptiste and Miellyn Barrows, join in for a live gameplay session of Billionaire Banshee. As always, Matt, Ash, and Scott kick it off with the past two weeks of shenanigans… and Thundershirts. Deny or Date?!