The Palace Job: The Nerd Appropriate Review & A CONTEST!

A unique opportunity appeared to me in the form of an advance copy of The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes. As soon as I started it, I was transported to a world where chains lock prisoners to pipes high above the ground, camaraderie affords even the strangest of alliances and magic exists in many forms. If you like movies like “Ocean’s Eleven” and enjoy playing games like “Dragon Age” or “Skyrim” this book is, as we say on the podcast, right in your wheelhouse.

Rated NA 75: Question of the Weekes

Ahhh 75 episodes of Rated NA! This week the gang welcomes Patrick Weekes, writer on the Mass Effect series, to talk about his craft and his new book, The Palace Job. We also briefly reflect on our wild work weeks and Hilary gushes about her love of Starbuck from Battlestar. Oh yeah, we also had Patrick answer a number of your listener questions as well.