Rated NA 204: It’s a Mad World

Hosts: Ash, Matt, & Scott The boys are back! All three of your hosts are present for this episode where we discuss Twin Peaks, Jimmy Hinson’s new Big Giant Circles Album for the game There Came an Echo and Wet Hot American Summer. We review Mad Max: Fury Road, The Witcher 3 and Other Space… Continue reading Rated NA 204: It’s a Mad World

Rated NA 148: Live from PAX East 2014

[HOSTS: Ash, Matt, and Scott] Join us as we hang out in the halls of PAX and our hotel room to recap our events of each day. We give some quick impressions of games, panels, meals, drinks, and sleeping arrangements(?!). Come hang out for all of the fun, and none of the PAX-pox!

There Came an Echo: Innovative RTS on the Way!

In every action film there is a slightly bookish computer whiz back in a dimly lit van controlling all the action while the secret agent on the ground gets all the credit. And martinis. While we’ve played the tough guy hundreds of times, we have yet to play an accurate “nerd in the van” simulator… until now.