Rated NA 142: Voice Over

Our pal, Miellyn fills-in to hang out with Scott and Ash and tells us about all of the wonderful panels she will be on at PAX East. The gang tries their hand at voice acting for Dragon Age Inquisition. Scott and Ash play Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Ash takes a look at the Might Quest for Epic Loot, and Scott won’t stop talking about Out There. In our NAQOTW, we ask you what comic or game is long overdue for a major motion picture. Over-D-U-E.

Rated NA 118: Pre PAX Posturing

Miellyn stops by to hang out with the gang and talk about Strange Loves 2: Hex Boyfriends, the gamebook sequel to the most excellent Strange Loves: Vampire Boyfriends. On the weekend before the journey to the Pacific Northwest and PAX, Ash plays Saints Row IV and Hilary watches The White Queen. We talk Ben Affleck & Batman, Steve Ballmer & Microsoft and Heroes of Cosplay. Finally, we talk PAX panels and plans, in addition to the things for which you are most excite in our NAQOTW. It’s a hootenanny!

Nostalgia is Magic: Breathing New Life into Childhood Castoffs

Attention Bronies and Pegasisters: If you haven’t heard of Mari Kasurinen, then sit right here next to me because I have something awesome to share. She’s the artist behind the My Little Pop Icons art series which features My Little Ponies that she mods, transforming them into your favorite characters. This is even better than… Continue reading Nostalgia is Magic: Breathing New Life into Childhood Castoffs

Rated NA 98: Foreplay – Romance in Games

On this special edition podcast we present the audio from the PAX East Panel: Foreplay, Romance in Games with our very own, Hilary. This awesome panel was moderated by Sean Baptiste from Fire Hose Games, featuring Aenne and Melissa from Reset Transmission and our pals, Miellyn and Lacy Wilson from Tin Man Games. Oh, and Raphael Sbarge was kind enough to make a surprise appearance on the panel, enjoy!

Rated NA 83: Choose Your Own Adventure

Creator and author, Miellyn Barrows joins us on the podcast to talk about her new Gamebook Adventure, “Strange Loves: Vampire Boyfriends”. We talk about Nintendo’s WiiU, the new X-Men movie, Bungie’s new IP, Hero Academy, the documentary “Resurrect Dead”, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, and a great Humble Bundle. Finally, shenanigans ensue with our NAQOTW: “What supernatural being/creature would you love to have a relationship with and why?” We proudly dedicate this episode to our mothers…