Rated NA 242: Always Strive for Simplicity

  Hosts: Matt, Scott, and Ash. Early looks at Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 and Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltrati0n. Plus news and highlights from Gamescom and all of the usual shenanigans. Or download this episode to listen offline! Support Rated NA… – Save 10% on LootCrate and support Nerd Appropriate with code: RATEDNA – Try Audible and get a… Continue reading Rated NA 242: Always Strive for Simplicity

Rated NA 157: Little Finger

Ash gets into the Destiny alpha, Scott wonders if it is time to get on the Wii U bandwagon, and Matt shares a tale of separation. We also talk about the highs and lows of E3, and you share with us the E3 announcements (or lack thereof) for which you were most disappointed or excited. Game on!

Rated NA 156: Parkour Cat

[HOSTS: Ash, Scott, and Matt] Scott tries to make sense of Murdered: Soul Suspect, Ash sees Edge of Tomorrow, and Matt plays Wolf Among Us plus Max and the Curse of Brotherhood. Also, Ant Man has a director (for now), Bill Watterson returns to comics, and CD Projekt Red reveals details about the Witcher 3. In our NAQOTW, we ask you, if you kept repeating the past 24 hours over and over again, what is the one thing that you would change?

Watch Dogs: Stop Interfering With my Investigation!

Watch Dogs is a HUGE game with literally hundreds of things for you to do in a strange virtual Chicago. After exploring for a bit I stumbled across the scene of a nasty murder straight out of HBO’s True Detective. The execution of the side quest was really well done with ultra-creepy music and deluge… Continue reading Watch Dogs: Stop Interfering With my Investigation!

Rated NA 155: Guard Cats

[HOSTS: Ash, Scott, and Matt] This week the gang takes a look at Watch Dogs, and the indie pixel-shooter, Teleglitch. We try to figure out what is going on with Ant Man, recap the WWDC keynote, and look to Hulu to pick up another season of Community. Finally, we preview E3 and what gamers and what to look forward to in the back half of 2014.

Rated NA 143: Means ‘I love you’

Pager codes, remember those? The guys take a look at South Park Stick of Truth, Telltale’s The Walking Dead S2E2, and Star Wars the Clone Wars lost missions on Netflix. We also look ahead to high-profile games’ release dates, and talk a bit about the NAPPP. Our NAQOTW this week asks what charcaters from film, TV, and games that you’ve most fallen love with. Monarch!

Rated NA 135: Walkabout

Hilary, Ash, and Scott look deep into their crystal balls at some of the hotly anticipated games of 2014. We talk Comic-Com tickets and PAX East panels, as well as review Castle Doombad (iOS) and Frozen (Film). Finally, we talk about the nerdy stuff you’re most excited for in 2014. crocknuggets.

Rated NA 125: Shaken not stirred

The ladies are away, so it’s a throwback bro-cast. Matt and Ash live the bachelor life, watching Clone Wars S5 and This is the End on blu-ray. We talk about Star Wars Rebels, Netflix supassing HBO in subscriber base, and grind some gears on this holiday’s console launches. We continue with our NAFFL and NAPL. Finally, we talk about the movies and games that can always cheer you up in our NAQOTW!

Rated NA 63: Rant-tastic Voyage

E3 madness continues and Scott goes on a rant. News about Skyrim, 38 Studios, WWDC, Nerd HQ, and Max Payne mobile. Hilary reviews Prometheus, Matt reviews Snow White, and Ash recaps the latest Game of Thrones season. Finally, we hear your impressions from the past weeks E3 shenanigans. Weeeeuuuu.