Rated NA 156: Parkour Cat

[HOSTS: Ash, Scott, and Matt] Scott tries to make sense of Murdered: Soul Suspect, Ash sees Edge of Tomorrow, and Matt plays Wolf Among Us plus Max and the Curse of Brotherhood. Also, Ant Man has a director (for now), Bill Watterson returns to comics, and CD Projekt Red reveals details about the Witcher 3. In our NAQOTW, we ask you, if you kept repeating the past 24 hours over and over again, what is the one thing that you would change?

Rated NA 63: Rant-tastic Voyage

E3 madness continues and Scott goes on a rant. News about Skyrim, 38 Studios, WWDC, Nerd HQ, and Max Payne mobile. Hilary reviews Prometheus, Matt reviews Snow White, and Ash recaps the latest Game of Thrones season. Finally, we hear your impressions from the past weeks E3 shenanigans. Weeeeuuuu.